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July 2021

Hundreds of Participants from 30 Countries Compete in IIMC 2021 Event


Reporter: M. Abdul Afif/Editor:R. Usman Hasan Saputra/Translator:Narendra P. Wishnu 

KPM Host of the Most Prestigious Competition for Primary and Secondary School Level

Bogor – Klinik Pendidikan MIPA (KPM) was chosen to be the organizer (host) of one of the most prestigious and largest  academic event in the world, the Indonesia International Mathematics Competition (IIMC 2021) was held online on 27 July–01 August.

Over more than 600 participants from 30 countries and 5 continents took part and compete to solve high quality Mathematical problems to become the very best.

Other than solving mathematical problems, participants also engaged in a fun, brainstorming game called the Tic Tac Toe 3D. This unique puzzle game that involves participants from various parts of the world is played in an online site that was designed by Mr. Peter Shin, an engineer of Google. The participants will compete against each other in a player versus player match to obtain the status as the ultimate winner. 

Tic Tac Toe is a puzzle game that has been around for over 3,000 years since the time of ancient Egypt. This classic game helps in increasing the understanding of predictability, problem solving, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, turn taking and strategizing. The 3D version is similar in concept to the traditional Tic-tac-Toe but is played in a 4x4x4 format.


Quoted from a page of, IMC was first held in 1999 in Taiwan for Secondary school level and in the year 2003 in Thailand for Primary school level (held separately). Whereas in the year 2008, the Primary and Secondary School level was held simultaneously which was called the International Mathematics Competition (IMC).

In this IMC competition, every participant are challenged to take on two competition categories, the individual contest and the team contest. Before becoming the host, the Indonesian team via KPM, routinely send the best students to participate in IMC. In the year 2020, the IMC was put on hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the official announcement that KPM would become the host, many various preparations were done to make sure the prestigious event would run smoothly. The enthusiasm of KPM is a form of contribution to the nation in keeping the spirit of competing and increasing the reputation of Indonesia in the world stage.

The first day of the IIMC 2021 event started with the Opening Ceremony. This sacred moment that integrated the theme “International Young Critical and Analytical Thinkers Compete in Friendly Rivalry to Solve Mathematical Challenges”, was aired live in the official KPM Seikhlasnya YouTube channel, opened officially by the President Director of Klinik Pendidikan MIPA, Raden Ridwan Saputra, Tuesday (27/7).

Photo: Presiden Director of Klinik Pendidikan MIPA, Dr. Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, M.Si. || Source: YouTube KPM Seikhlasnya Channel

Ridwan Hasan Saputra explained, that the IIMC event is a golden opportunity to share knowledge, strengthening friendship, add experience and ideas to increase the knowledge of science in particular mathematics.

“We are grateful to the IMC Board Committee for giving the trust to Klinik Pendidikan MIPA to host the IMC 2021 event in Indonesia after trusting us in hosting the 17th IMSO event in the same year,” said Dr. Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, M. Si.

In the opening ceremony that was held virtually, the Chairman of the Executive Board of International Mathematics Competition, President of the Chiu Chang Mathematics Education Foundation, Prof. Wen Hsien Sun from Taiwan, also gave his greetings. There was also a unique essence that implemented a praying session involving 5 Religious leaders from various parts of the world. This congregated praying moment is a form of religious endeavor, concern and unity in hopes that the Covid-19 would end soon.